Smoke Screen' Children of broken families are difficult to handle.

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Smoke Screen' Children of broken families are difficult to handle.

Post by Archer on Sun Jan 30, 2011 6:32 am

From this play we can gather that the children of broken families are really difficult to handle as in this play we have seen through the character of Primrose.
Primrose the young, beautiful and courageous heroine is a modern girl of twenty. Her mode, manner, expression are bright and jolly, though these are somewhat harsh and rude of her aunt Susan, who belongs to the country side and being a rigid, conservative believes in old traditions and moral values of life. Primrose likes to mix up with the people of her age. She spends most of her time outdoors. She goes out even at the odd time of night, to avail the opportunities of life. She wants to enjoy herself each and every moment of life. She does not like to poke her nose in the personal matters of other people she does not allow others to interfere in her life. She does not feel it necessary to remain a housewife once and for all. She is aware of the effects of beauty that is why she tries to look attractive. She becomes disrespectful to her aunt when she offends her. She also tries to remove the doubts and apprehensions of her conservative aunt about going out of the house all alone at night. New generation must be confident of her actions.
She convinces her mother for marrying an ugly football player Mr. John.
The ideas of Primrose show her determination and cageyness in her decision. She knows about the unhappy marriage of her mother. Although she misses her father but she avoids talking about her father because she loves her mother very much. She has no craze for money. She has love for family life. She prefers married life to well-settled business of taxicabs.
Through her character we can also detect that the children of broken families are often very much confident, self-reliant and dependable because they get total freedom which may also spoil them.
Therefore, it is really a difficult task to handle a child of a broken family.

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