Smoke Screen' Reference to the Context

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Smoke Screen' Reference to the Context

Post by Archer on Sun Jan 30, 2011 6:29 am


These lines have been taken from the play “Smoke Screens” written by Harold Brighouse.


The play is a serious social comedy. Its story is a three-sided conflict. Primrose, the young heroine is a modern girl. Her mother, Lucy Aston, is a liberal lady divorced by her charming husband. Susan, her aunt, is a conservative. Lucy does not like to interfere with her daughter‟s affairs. Susan tries to warn her against the dangers faced by Primrose. Primrose wants to marry a foot baller, John. Her mother and Susan are astonished. Susan leaves the house in disgust. Her mother decides to let her marry. But she says she will keep a vigilant watch over her daughter‟s husband through the smoke screen of her taxi0car business. She does not like to lose her daughter. But she is quite helpless.

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