Something to Talk About" Reference to the Context

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Something to Talk About" Reference to the Context

Post by Archer on Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:45 am

These lines have been taken from the play “Something to Talk About” written by Eden Philpotts.


The play is a delightful comedy. This is a satire on the mentality of aristocratic English class. Wolf a notorious burglar enters stealthily the house of Sydney‟s to take away their rich gifts of Christmas. The whole family comes there and enjoys the presence of the burglar. They are very happy and treat the wolf like an old friend. It is the burglar who is surprised, not the family. This turning of the tables makes the story very amusing. Wolf puts all their presents in a bag but leaves them, when Wolf is told about more precious gifts in a neighbouring house. The Sydney‟s save their gifts and enjoy the presence of Wolf.

When the Character of a Man is Not Clear to You, Look at His friends
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