The Boy Comes Home' Compare the powers, Power of Purse and Power of Pistol

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The Boy Comes Home' Compare the powers, Power of Purse and Power of Pistol

Post by Archer on Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:38 am

Every play is based on some conflict, whether it is the conflict going within one person or character‟s mind or between two characters in the play or between two forces as a man and nature or between a man and society.
So for as this short one act play “The Boy Comes Home” is concerned, conflict appears between the uncle and the nephew or in other words between James and Philip or between two forces i.e. the force of money and the force of arms. When the play opens, we see Philip the young man, who has been in the army for four years asking the maid-servant to give him his breakfast at 10‟O‟clock. It is his habit that is not liked by Uncle James, who is a cold businessman, who stresses on punctuality, civility and respect. James happens to come there, and grows angry on hearing that Philip is having breakfast. He says that he wanted to talk to Philip about his coming into business. Philip says that he should wait for him in the drawing room. James sits in an armchair and dozes off. In his dream he warns Philip not to smoke in the house. He says that he should understand, once for all while he remains in this house that he must be punctual, civil and respectful. Philip tells his uncle that he was leaving his house and taking rooms some where else. He asks him to give him an allowance, or all the money his father had left. James replies that he will not give him any money before he grows twenty-five.
Uncle James says that Philip should join his business of making Jams. Philip wants to become an architect. James says that Philip must have learned to obey the orders and recognize authority. Philip does not show any intention or inclination for that business. He flatly and frankly refuses to join. But on other hand he is not free, because his money is in the possession of James and James threatens to use the force of purse against Philip. Philip has also grown up and well conscious of his worth, he takes out a revolver and displays a bomb, telling James what harm may come, by aiming at James. Here Philip uses the force of arms or pistol against the force of purse and finally brings his uncle, James to his knees and finds victory over him. His uncle is submissive and he agrees to join him in his Jam business, of his own accord or free will. Uncle James is totally frightened. “Now James opens his eyes with a start and looks round him in bewildered way. He rubs his eyes, takes out his watch and looks at it, and then stares round the room again. The door from the dinning room opens and Philip comes in with a piece of toast in his hand.”
This is the real Philip who has actually arrived to have the proposed meeting and, thanks to the dream, Uncle James is now a changed and molded man, ready to understand the problems of the young man. Now the mode of the dialogue has reversed and we hear such dialogue.
Philip: (surprised)…. Rather late I‟m afraid
James: That‟s all right (he laughs awkwardly)
Philip: It‟s a bit late, isn‟t it?

James: Well, if you‟re four years behind so is everybody else.

The writer has in fact brought home a point to the readers, i.e. those who threaten others with force are themselves defeated with other force. So a social and moral lesson may also be got, that is we should not use force against innocent dependants to exploit them, otherwise, we, ourselves may fall a prey to their exploitation or threat, because.

“The time has always rights to do what is right”

In the play, James the bullying uncle, stiff necked arrogant and harsh turns out to be the most submissive and humble one in no time, but on revolver point, by no other than his nephew, who joins him in his Jam business of his own accord or free will. As it is a light comedy and its job is to provide delight and instruction to the audience, It not only amuses the readers but also restores their shattered faith in life, by giving them moral support.

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