The Boy Comes Home' The play discusses generation gap. Is it true?

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The Boy Comes Home' The play discusses generation gap. Is it true?

Post by Archer on Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:35 am

The play may be described as a light comedy. It is witty and amusing throughout. The characters are flesh and blood, and true to life. We find a touch of universality in this play. We come across such fellows and such situations, sometimes they turn out to be tragic unfortunately. The play is about a fateful event in the family affairs of Uncle James, a successful businessman who believes in strict discipline.
Philips, the young nephew of Uncle James, comes home after four years of active war services in the army. He is no longer a shy young boy of 17. He is now a mature young man though only 21. He behaves not as a child but as master of the house. He gets up late against the strict orders of his uncle to get up early. Philips asks for breakfast. The cook refuses to prepare breakfast, because Uncle James does not allow late breakfast in his house.
The cook says that she would rather resign than to violate the discipline. Philip at once pays her wages and dismisses her from service. The cook can‟t bear the loss of her job, so she readily agrees to prepare breakfast for him.
Uncle James enters, he is angry to see that Philip has violated the strict rules of his discipline. He presses Philip to join him in his Jam business. But Philip refuses to do so, holding that he would prefer to be an architect. His uncle refuses to give him the money for that job. Philip takes out his revolver. Uncle James is cowed down by this show of force. He agrees to give Philip the money he needs. Then suddenly Philip announces his consent to join the Jam business of his uncle. Thus he succeeds in breaking down the mechanical discipline maintained by his uncle. It is a favourable change for the family.
The author has thus discussed the generation gap in the play. He expresses that old generation wishes to impose its rules and regulations on young generation. But young generation refuses to follow such rules rather they want to lead life and to select their career according to their own will. As we see in the play. Uncle James tries to convince Philip to join him in his business. He even uses force of purse for this purpose. As a result Philip uses force of pistol against the force of purse. James agrees to all this demands readily and Philip,

“Picking him up by the scruff, and helping him into the chair, says to him, “Good man, that‟s the may to talk”.

Uncle James is now ready to face the facts of life as the new generation sees them.

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