The Bear" Prove the play a farcical comedy portraying the behaviour of the feudal?

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The Bear" Prove the play a farcical comedy portraying the behaviour of the feudal?

Post by Archer on Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:29 am

Anton Chekhove was not only a dramatist but also a great short story writer. The present play “The Bear” is a farce, full of fun, fury and boisterous noisy laughter. The play revolves around two main characters and the behaviour of the characters is ridiculous, funny, and sentimental.
Popova‟s husband has died and she has cut herself off from society. She has closed herself in the four walls of her house and is leading a completely secluded life when the play opens, Luka, her servant, is seen advising her to take part in the activities of life. She announces that since the death of her husband, life has lost all its meaning for her. Through their conversation, we come to know that Popova‟s late husband had not been a nice fellow. He had not treated Popova well. Still Popova is bent upon showing the soul of the dead husband how faithful she is. So she rebukes Luka for advising her to take full interest in life, as it‟s a saying:

“There are women who love their husbands as blindly, as enthusiastically and as enigmatically as nuns their cloister.”

The writer has exposed the feudal mentality through a delightful comedy. Smirnov, a middle aged landlord, calls on Popova for the recovery of a loan taken by her husband. The servant, Luka, brings the message. She refuses to admit Smirnov. But he insists on seeing her. So she has to see him. Smirnov asks for his money. She tells him to come day after tomorrow. Smirnov says he will not leave the house without money. He would rather stay in the house till the day after tomorrow. A bitter quarrel follows. During the quarrel Smirnov suggests that she should marry instead of wasting her life away for her cruel, disloyal husband. He presses this point home and succeeds in persuading her to marry him. Popova gives in because she does not like to lose such a good offer.
The play is a delightful satire on utilitarian morality as well. Smirnov marries Popova for her wealth and status. She too sees her own advantage. Smirnov is not only a jovial fellow but also a landlord. It is thus an equal bargain for both of them. Apart from this serious theme the play is remarkable for its superb humour of dialogue and situation. So the play is a good farce and has farcical situation.

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